Thermal Spray Supervisor

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Edmonton, AB
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Direct Hire
Feb 11, 2019
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Thermal Spray Supervisor Job Description
Job Description
The role of the Thermal Spray Supervisor is to ensure all thermal spray coating jobs are scheduled property, completed on time, on budget and within the specifications required by the coating manufacturer and the client. The Thermal Spray Supervisor must run the Thermal Spray section within the budget set by the Owner/CEO/GM and ensure there aren’t cost overruns due to unnecessary overtime, inefficient scheduling of staff, redo’s, or damage. The Thermal Spray Supervisor must run the Thermal Spray section area efficiently and effectively and meet all Key Performance Indicators set by the Owner.
Job Responsibilities
  • Planning and organizing production schedules with the assistance of the Operations Manager
  • Monitoring the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed
  • Ensuring staffing requirements are met
  • Supervising and motivating all workers in the Thermal Spray section
  • Reviewing worker performance
  • Ensuring workers are accountable for their schedules
  • Projecting and coordinating the need for human resources
  • Identify roles and responsibilities for each Thermal Spray worker
Project Management
  • Assessing and planning all project and resource requirements
  • Project, plan and implement project delivery schedules and coordinating as necessary with Sales and Sales Support
  • Ensuring that the Thermal Spray section is cost effective – labor & supply ratio evaluations
  • Overseeing the entire Thermal Spray section production flow and making sure that Jobs are produced on time and are of good quality and meeting client specifications on or before the client due completion date
  • Set up, run and maintain our machining, grinding, polishing etc
  • Ensure the Thermal Spray section maintains, updates and develops systems and procedures with KPIs and are using them
  • Identifying Thermal Spray section personnel training needs
  • Planning and implementing job specific training
  • Ensure all workers have received adequate training and have been re-trained as necessary
  • Participate in the planning and execution of quarterly fire drills, man down system checks, rescue procedures on tank internal
  • Able to take on the role of Coating Technician VI (Thermal Spray) if necessary
  • Train other coaters in Thermal Spray
Quality Control
  • Assist with creating of quality control standards (ie: ISO 9001:2015)
  • Monitoring and implementing quality control standards (ie: ISO 9001:2015)
  • Corrective action reports and near miss forms are initiated for all incidents that occur
Equipment & Materials
  • Planning, selecting and submitting procurement request to the Controller
  • Implement and maintain a program to ensure the tracking of all material equipment and assets
  • Ensure all hazardous material on the floor are labeled as per WHMIS
  • Ensure all old or unusable material and equipment is recycled or disposed of as soon as possible
  • Ensure all hazardous material are stored in the paint storage area
  • Ensure tag out procedures for equipment are being followed
  • Organizing the repair and routine maintenance and inspection of all production equipment
  • Create and implement an equipment/tool sign out program
  • Liaison as deemed necessary for production and quality assurance matters
  • Working with Operations staff to implement the company's policies and goals
  • Continual review and assessment of policy and procedure effectiveness
  • Ensuring that health and safety policies and guidelines are followed
  • Coordinate all communication between production, sales and administration
  • Update production board prior to BOD / EOD meetings
  • Participate in End Of Day EOD (4 pm) meetings
  • Ensure general housekeeping standards are followed
  • Ensure warehouse and yard is organized and free of clutter
  • Ensure sidewalks and parking lot are cleared and maintained as necessary and ice is cleared from walkways
  • Ensure equipment is cleaned and stored when not in use
  • Ensure worker respirators are cleaned, maintained and stored when not in use
  • Ensure personal work space is organized and tidy
  • Computer and monitor are turned off at the end of the night
Health & Safety
  • Demonstrate commitment to the safety and compliance program by fully participating and projecting a positive attitude and image
  • Be educated of the laws, regulations, codes of practice and guiding principles
  • Implement and enforce the safety and compliance program throughout the workplace
  • Policies, safe work practice and guidelines are developed as required
  • Ensure that safety materials are readily accessible to all workers
  • Conduct ongoing testing to ensure workers are competent in the duties in which they are performing
  • Communicate to all workers risks associated with the business that are known
  • Attend regularly scheduled safety meetings
  • Ensure all incidents, accidents, near misses and identified problems or complaints are documented and forwarded to the Safety Coordinator
  • Participate in regular safety inspections and hazard assessments of the worksite, customer sites and equipment are conducted and documented
  • Ensure all workers, visitors and contractors on site are oriented to the safety and compliance program requirements
  • Any person on site is following all rules and policies as stated in the company safety manual
Personal Qualities
  • Demonstrate a high level of personal character and integrity.
  • Have adequate experience and education to complete the duties required by the position.
  • Find themselves naturally aligned with Company International core values.
  • Be detail oriented and thorough in implementation and testing.
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills.
  • Adhere to Company International standards, philosophies, corporate values, policies and understand the importance of each.
  • Have a positive team oriented and "fit" within Company International current staff and culture.
  • Be respectful of other’s opinions and strive to maintain healthy relationships with clients and Company International staff.
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic.
  • Strong aptitude to learn and problem solve.
  • Willing to work outside of normal office hours when required.
Key Performance Indicators
The following Key Performance Indicators will be submitted daily/weekly/monthly to the Owner/CEO/GM.
Daily KPIs completed by end of day. Weekly KPIs submitted by Friday end of day. Monthly KPIs submitted the last working day of the month end of day. All will be saved in the S drive under the CCI KPIs folder
  • Parts received – daily
  • Over/Under/Damage report - daily
  • Jobs quarantine/parts set aside due to damage - daily
  • Stock reorders/orders and dates required – weekly
  • Rework reports - daily
  • Production level reports - daily
  • Current Inventory levels - weekly
  • Operations Staff overtime report - daily
  • Jobs on time, on spec on budget report - daily
  • Labour and Supply ratios - weekly
  • Profitability of jobs - weekly
  • Productivity report for operations - Work in progress, when received, expected completion date, work done and cost, estimated amount quoted to client compared to actual and spare capacity, turn-around time compared to actual – weekly
  • Track all jobs with the Job Costing spreadsheet which will be updated by the end of business day
  • Maintain a minimum 60% Gross Profit Margin on all jobs in the Thermal Spray section
  • Assist in bringing in new business with an annual revenue of $2M-$4M/year